Any music lover may tell you that bopping along to your favorite song is a surefire way to feel better, but a scientific review published in JAMA concludes that music’s benefit to mental health is actually comparable to that of exercise. In other words — singing your heart out in the shower could be as good for your mind as a jog around the block. While that alone may thrill those who don’t love the gym, music therapists note broader implications.

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Former Pride of Portland member Dawn Wright, age 62, passed peacefully on Sunday, August 7, 2022, leaving behind a loving family.

Nothing meant more to Dawn than music and family, and she had a big heart for both. Dawn sang with several Sweet Adelines choruses: Pride of Portland, Northwest Harmony, and Oregon Spirit, where she was an Assistant Director. As bass section leader, she was often asked to lead parts of rehearsals or warmups. Her quartet, Roadshow, really rocked the house!

Do you ever say "I can't sing, I wish I could sing?" Would you describe yourself as tone deaf? We hear those sorts of comments a lot at Pride of Portland when approaching possible guests. Reknown a cappella star, Deke Sharon, is here with a great video to refute that! (And remember, a huge part of singing with our chorus is all the educational opportunities and information you'll receive each week at our rehearsals!)  Watch more >>

Many of us LOVE to sing in groups, but become emotional …or insecure… or just less satisfied when we sing alone. Now, we know that singing alone is certainly different than raising your voice with others – but wouldn’t it be great to experience even just a little more joy while you’re practicing, singing along with something, or busting out a tune while you’re folding your laundry?

Pride of Portland realizes the bold statement of loving your voice might be a daunting thought or feel unachievable, but we're here to tell you, you CAN learn to love your voice! Be sure to read this article, and then think about visiting a Pride of Portland rehearsal. We offer weekly vocal education, along with the opportunity to meet a big group of wonderful, talented, caring individuals.

When 5-year-old Roslyn Kane began having nightmares, dad Rick reached out from his home in Pennsylvania to the Bristol Man Chorus to see if they could help his daughter through the power of song. Choir director Sam Burns got to work immediately, crafting a personal lullaby for his new friend. The lyrics are simple and lovely:

“Roslyn, Evelyn, sing goodnight / Roslyn, Evelyn, close your eyes / Sweetest dreams, all warm and bright / Roslyn, Evelyn, sing goodnight.”