See us perform

If you think our rehearsals are something, wait until you see Pride in performance mode. The costumes, the makeup, the chills, the pageantry...we raise the bar on musical and visual artistry. In fact, we reinvent it! 

A Pride of Portland performance awakens the senses with catchy contemporary hits and sensational uptunes. It triggers a flood of memories with nostalgic standards and haunting love songs. It is the fulfillment of a promise, from us to you, that you will laugh, cry and connect to a story as never before.

We feature an annual show every fall, and are often invited to perform throughout the year by area businesses and local organizations. During an International year, our send-off show is the full-blown package we perform at competition. On off-years, we feature a cabaret-style show that is fun and a bit more light-hearted. Still full of energy and pizzazz, but a little less formal in tone.

If you haven't experienced us live, we encourage you to visit our Events page.

While you wait, sample our Watch and Listen page where you can view some of our competition footage. And, of course, stop by a rehearsal any time.

Hire us

Pride of Portland members would love to perform for you! The chorus, quartets or ensembles can provide quality entertainment for your company-sponsored event, church social, family reunion, cultural festival, public or private parties, surprise singing telegrams for any occasion, club events, or any other event where musical entertainment is desired.

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