Feeling nutty?!?

Pride of Portland Chorus is once again having our annual fundraiser selling some VERY tasty and fresh nuts! Our supplier offers the usual assortment of nuts and this year we're also selling Macadamias, which we haven’t been able to offer the past few years. All nuts come pre-bagged from our supplier into 1 lb bags. You also have the option of ordering an entire case (instead of 1 lb bags); all cases are 25 lbs, except for pecans, which are 30 lb cases. You can find an order form with additional information by clicking here. Have a question? Contact us a [email protected].



Pride of Portland Chorus is the premier women's a cappella chorus of the Pacific Northwest. Education and musical excellence define who we are and shape our success in the competitive world of women's barbershop. Based in Portland, OR, our chorus draws from a rich reservoir of women from all over the Pacific Northwest. We love guests and welcome new members and hope you'll come by and see what singing with Pride of Portland Chorus is all about!

Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm
Tigard Community Friends Church
15800 SW Hall BLVD in Tigard, OR 97224  

COVID Protocols (3/22/22): Pride of Portland takes the the health and safety of our members and guests very seriously. Currently--following Multnomah County and Oregon State COVID guidelines--the chorus is holding in-person rehearsals inside a rehearsal facility. Hybrid rehearsals are also available (click here for more information). As of March 23, masks will be optional for singers and guests; however, we will continue to require proof of vaccination, maintain appropriate distance on the risers, take air-cleaning breaks, and, most importantly, ask that you stay home if you feel sick. Our protocols are examined and updated as needed. If you have other questions, please contact us at [email protected].

For other questions or more information, see our Visit a Rehearsal page.


Live life on a high note!

Looking for something fabulous to do for yourself? Join Pride of Portland Chorus! You'll love the challenge, the education, the fellowship, the opportunities, and most of all: the music we make together. Guests are welcome at all rehearsals, so stop on by and see for yourself!

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We hope to see on an upcoming Wednesday night!


A message from Pride of Portland Chorus

The events of the past year have been tumultuous and challenging for the members of Pride of Portland Chorus. Our Management Team, Music Team, and Diversity & Inclusion Team have all been engaging in extensive discussions about these issues, our stance, and how best to present our position. In the interim, the teams have developed a "Unity Logo," shown here, as a visual representation of our thoughts. 

We're proud to be a part of a chorus with such open minds and loving hearts. To view our official, full-length statement, click here.

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Interested in attending one of our rehearsals? Feel free to drop by or contact us at...

Oct 12 2022 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Interested in attending one of our rehearsals? Feel free to drop by or contact us at...


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