Become part of the Pride!

Rehearsal fun

Pride of Portland Chorus is excited about your interest in becoming a member!

Prospective members are required to pass an audition to become a member. You must attend a minimum of three rehearsals before you are eligible to audition. Our auditions take place in-person, and you’ll sing the audition piece in a quartet with three of our section leaders. You must be “off the paper” before your audition. We don’t expect you to be perfect: we are looking for potential!

You’ll be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to harmonize with other singers: can you hold your part within the quartet?
  • Pitch accuracy and tonal center: how closely do you stay on pitch for your part and what is your
  • overall sense of the song’s tonal center?
  • Rhythm and tempo accuracy: do you feel the tempo of the song and how defined is your sense of rhythm?
  • Stage presence and expressiveness: are you able to connect with those who are watching you perform; are you communicating the message of the song?
  • Vocal tone and quality: how does your voice fit in with the overall sound of the chorus?
  • Ability to accept and integrate feedback: as an educational organization, we love singers who strive to improve and grow!

All of this will be explained in more detail once you've visited the chorus and have expressed an interest in joining us. If you have questions about visiting or our audition process, please contact us at [email protected].