Annette Shaner

Facilities & Functions

I first joined Sweet Adelines around 40 years ago with City of Roses under Ardeth Fulmer, but only for about 1 1/2 years. I never forgot how I loved it! After my husband just happened to go with his parents to a performance by POP (I wasn't able to go with them) he couldn't stop talking about how great the chorus and the men's quartet were! I joined again very soon after that with POP in 2004. I love the competition, working hard each week, learning to sing better and be a better performer, but most of all I love the sisterhood and the good friends I've made!

I have been on the front row, lead physical warm-ups, was assistant to Marketing, Music Librarian, on the costume team, make-up team, show team, and Spring Fete team. 

I'm happily married and have a combined family of 8 kids and a whopping 23 grandchildren (& one on the way). I've been retired since July of 2012 which gives me time for my other hobbies which are quilting and knitting, both of which I do daily. With my large family, I have a lot of people to make things for! I am a health coach with Take Shape For Life and have an Etsy business (Bridgetown Sew Shop).